HHC, 21st Sig Bde General Information

Upon Your Arrival:

Soldiers arriving at Fort Detrick after duty hours should report to the Garrison Headquarters (Building 810 suite 107). This is where you will be signed in off of leave status. If you arrive during duty hours, report to the Brigade S1 located in Building 1435 Porter Street. Once you are signed-in you will begin your in-processing which normally takes between 3 to 5 days. Areas include unit assignment, security clearance verification, personnel, finance, medical, dental, on-post and off-post housing, and vehicle registration. Most of this will be done in Building 1520 which is known as the Community Activity Center (CAC). It is open during normal duty hours only.

Guest Housing:

There is no Army Lodging on Fort Detrick. The local motel list is available online at http://www.detrick.army.mil/hotel.cfm. You are encouraged to use the Automated Housing Referral Network, www.AHRN.com, which is a DoD-sponsored site to help you find local rental housing and temporary lodging assistance. It uses BAH and other search options to help you target homes that meet your family's specific needs.


Taxicabs (Frederick)

Yellow Cab - (301) 662-2250
Frederick Taxi Cab - (301) 696-0070


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