7th Signal Command (T) Freedom of Information Act

What is FOIA?

The FOIA, 5 U.S.C § 552, was enacted in 1966 and generally provides that:

         Any individual has the right to make a request for federal agency records or information.

         All agencies of the US Government are required to disclose records upon receiving a written request for them.

         There are nine exemptions in addition to limits to FOIA that protect certain records from disclosure.

Where do I submit my FOIA?

FOIA requests must be in writing and submitted to Angela James, 7th SC (T) FOIA Officer.  Requests can be sent by mail or email.  Requests can not be faxed at this time.

The preferred method is via email to: 

Primary email:  usarmy.gordon.7-sig-cmd.mbx.7th-Sig-Cmd-foia-requests@mail.mil

cc:  angela.n.james4.civ@mail.mil

Mailing address:

7th Signal Command (Theater)

Attn:  FOIA Officer (Angela James)

423 22d Street, Bldg 27176

Fort Gordon, GA 30905


At a minimum, the FOIA request must include:

         Your full name

         Organization (if applicable)

         Mailing address

         Email address

         Phone number

         A clear description of the records you are requesting. In order for us to serve you better, please include all relevant details and be as specific as possible.

         You must indicate your willingness to pay all fees or specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay without being notified before processing the request.  In order to request a fee waiver, you must provide a justification to support your request. 


Mission Statement: Provide global information services to enable Battle Command from the President of the United States to the Warfighter and other federal agencies.